Parent On

You’ll question everything but
there’s nothing you can’t handle.

Today there’s a whole industry telling parents what to do. What not to do. How they should do what they shouldn’t not be doing.

A whole industry built around making parents feel bad about parenting. Which is a real shame, because parenting is really quite wonderful. Apart from all the smelly bits.

When Tommee Tippee started, 50 years ago, there was no search engines to tell parents what to do. No baby yoga. No denim diapers. There was only common sense and natural instincts.

And somehow, everyone muddled through.

Because through the glorious highs and smelly lows of parenting, you can only do what parents have done since time began.

Take a deep breath.
Trust yourself.
And Parent On.

Parenton baby shouting.
Parenton meme tips 1.
Parenton curious baby.
Parenton curly girl.
Parenton thinking girl.
Parenton meme tips 4.
Parenton momy carrying daughter.
Parenton baby girl.
Parenton sleeping on a shoulder.
Parenton meme tips 1.
Parenton meme tips 2.
Parenton sleeping girl.
Parenton baby eating.
Parenton daddy and daughter.
Parenton meme tips 5.
Parenton baby with hand in mouth.
Parenton meme tips 3.
Parenton meme tips 6.
Parenton baby eating.