Read our quick bottle feeding dos and don’ts below for a few quick tips on bottle feeding baby.

  1. Don't use bottles that are badly worn or scuffed or scratched.
  2. Inspect bottles and teats before and after each feed for signs of wear and tear.
  3. Always wash the bottles you have used in warm soapy water before sterilising, using your Bottle and Teat Brush (there is no need to sterilise the brush itself), then rinse.
  4. Don’t put boiling water straight from the kettle into your bottles. Allow it to cool for approximately 30 minutes.
  5. Follow the instructions from the manufacturers of the infant formula you use, making sure you level each scoop of formula.
  6. Discard any unused milk after baby has had his feed.
  7. Buy new bottles for each new baby.
  8. Health guidelines recommend you make up bottles one at a time. See our making up a bottle feed page for more information.
  9. If storing bottles in the fridge, don’t use the door compartments as the temperature changes every time you open the door.
  10. A carton of ready-to-feed formula is a useful standby in your cupboard or changing bag.
  11. Don’t heat bottles in a microwave. It can lead to hot spots and destroy nutrients in your formula milk.
  12. Never thaw breast milk in a microwave. Allow it to defrost at room temperature.
  13. Milk consumption should be judged over a 24hour period, not feed on feed.  Over-feeding babies who are bottle fed on artificial milk is linked to childhood obesity as they quickly lose the ability of being able to recognise when they are full.

For more information about bottle feeding, visit our bottle feeding advice page.