Here at tommee tippee®, we have a wide selection of weaning products to choose from. Our guide helps you determine which ones you should be using to help your baby through the challenges of weaning.


A spoon is a spoon, you might think. But when it comes to weaning your baby the right spoon is very important.

tommee tippee® weaning spoons have all these things. What’s more, our Heat Sensing Baby Spoons change colour from red to yellow to warn when food is too hot to give your baby. They are ideal when you’re using a microwave to heat up food because they will tell you at a glance when it’s safe to feed the baby – and when it’s not.


To make the most of baby’s mealtimes, as well as making mealtimes easier for you, we’ve developed a range of colourful, clever and practical products, designed to offer a complete solution to the chaos that can be weaning.

Our Basics Feeding Bowls come with our handy easy grip handles and come in three fantastic colours. The bowls have been designed with our spoons so the angle of the bowl is the same as the angle of the edge of the spoon. You may also want to check out our Magic Gripper Mat – the perfect answer when it comes to preventing spills, as it holds our bowls and plates firmly in place, avoiding any little disasters that may occur.

All our products are made from hardwearing materials that can be put in the dishwasher, freezer or microwave. None of our products contain PVC and are all BPA free, so you can have complete confidence that your baby’s wellbeing is looked after.


As you will soon find out, baby bibs are one of the most important purchases you can make. Baby is going to make a mess, so you’d better be prepared! You may also want to view our Roll n Go Bibs, ideal for use at home or out and about.


You may want to consider a food warmer. Our Electric Bottle and Food Warmer heats baby food quickly and safely and is extremely easy to use.