Spill-free sipping starts here!
Being a baby is thirsty work.

That’s why we’ve created our best ever cups range, designed to keep your little one happy and hydrated from their very first sip to their first big adventures.

Find out which is best for you and your baby
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non spill
  • Mix 'n' match range
  • BPA Free

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sippee cup

When your little one is ready to move on from the bottle this is a great starter cup. A super soft spout is gentle on your baby’s sensitive gums and easy-grip handles fit perfectly in their tiny hands. You’ll also love the non-spill valve that keeps baby, and everything nearby, nice and dry.

sippee cup

From 7 months your little one will be sitting up, playing and maybe rolling. This requires extra hydration, so a bigger cup is needed. The soft spout and easy-grip handles on this one help your little one develop grown-up drinking skills, and the non-spill valve keeps them dry as they learn.

straw cup

Some babies find a straw easier than a spout as they don’t need to tip the cup as much. This cup has a soft silicone straw that’s easy to drink from and flips down after use to stay clean and dry. The same easy-grip handles help your baby hold on tight whilst they sip.

straw cup

Every baby is different so you may like to try a straw cup as part of your weaning plan, to help your little one develop grown-up drinking skills. When you’re out and about the straw flips down to stay clean and prevent spills and the soft straw on this cup is smooth and gentle on teething gums.

meal time trainer

Perfect for a spot of meal time training, the unique 360* valve is lip-activated, so they can drink easily from anywhere on the rim. In between sips the valve remains closed to keep mess to a minimum. The meal time trainer is a great alternative to straw and sippee cups, and a useful tool in helping your little one develop their grown-up drinking skills.

filter bottle

Crawling, standing, walking, falling...from around 12 months your toddler's activity rate rockets, and it's all thirsty work. To make sure your little one stays happy and hydrated our new filter bottles remove impurities to create clean, tasty water they'll enjoy drinking all day!

sippee cup

Insulated to keep drinks cool, our largest sippee cup is perfect for busy toddlers on the go. The easy-grip sides, soft spout and non-spill valve mean it’s really easy to grab and drink, and at the end of the day everything can go in the dishwasher - so an easier life for you.

straw cup

If your toddler prefers drinking from a straw, our largest straw cup is insulated to keep drinks cool. With easy-grip sides and a soft flip-up straw, this is the perfect cup for busy toddlers. And don’t forget, all our cups are dishwasher safe.

sports bottle

When your little one gets really active it’s sports bottle time! Easy-grip sides and a leak-proof spout help your busy toddler stay hydrated all day, every day. All you need to do is keep up!

mix n match

All of our cup range have interchangeable tops and bottoms. Using the buttons below, slide the pieces to see what different variants you could create for your little one!

*Note the Filter Cup is not interchangeable with the other cups in the range.

the range