Dad Bonding with your Baby

There are many ways to get a baby bonding with dad, from making silly faces to making skin to skin contact.

Whether you can’t wait to become a dad or are nervous at the prospect, or both, it can take time to adjust to your new role of dad. People might even tell you there’s not much to do. However, here at Tommee Tippee we believe there are many ways for dads to bond with their baby regardless of how your partner is feeding the baby. Here are just a few of our tips:

Skin to skin contact

In those first few moments, skin to skin contact with your child is a wonderful experience. So don’t be shy to get your shirt off in the delivery room to cuddle your newborn. It’s never too early to build that special bond. 

Night Time Feed

Night time feed hero

Taking charge of the midnight feed means more time with your baby for you, and more rest for mum! If mum is breastfeeding exclusively, you can pitch in by carrying your baby to mum and burping your baby after feeding.

Give a baby massage

A massage is a great way for you to bond with your baby whilst helping your little one feel calmer and more relaxed. To get started, lay your little one on a flat surface and gently rub your palms together with baby oil to warm them. Sing and talk to your baby to get them giggling and massage lightly. Watch how your baby responds and if they seem uncomfortable, simply try using a lighter touch.

Play kangaroo

Instead of a big bulky pram or buggy, try using a sling or carrier and keep your little one close to you for maximum warmth and get a baby bonding with dad. Whether you go for a walk, run errands or are loading the dishwasher, you’ll find it much easier to move around!

Silly faces

Keep your baby entertained by pulling your best silly faces. It could be your best antics which get that first smile. 

Nappy Changing

nappy duty

It doesn’t sound like the type of thing you want to volunteer for, but it should be! Alongside being a rite of passage for any new parent, it’s also a great opportunity to laugh and talk with your baby.

Read the sports page

It’s never too early to start reading to your little one. Hearing your voice stimulates an interest in sounds and helps your baby develop important listening skills. At this early stage, your baby doesn’t care whether you read The Hungry Caterpillar or an in-depth analysis from the sports pages - it’s the soothing sound of your voice that’s important. So cuddle up and read aloud. 

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