How can my partner help with breastfeeding?

Support is important for you even when breastfeeding

It often surprises Partners and dads-to-be to hear that the single most important factor in a new mum’s success with breastfeeding is the support she gets from her partner! 

And this support can come in a number of different ways, as Tommee Tippee and our dads and breastfeeding guide showcases:

Be her cheerleader

Breastfeeding is natural but not easy. Just like learning to drive a car, it takes time and practice to really get the hang of it. The importance of the emotional support that you offer during this time cannot be overstated. That includes protecting her from overzealous but well-meaning relatives too!

Help her relax

Would an extra pillow make her more comfortable? Perhaps a shoulder rub to relax her and help the milk let down? Or bring her a glass of water and something to eat, as this nursing business is hard work.

Take care of the chores

A nursing mum is usually creating a mental list of all the things she can see around her that need doing! By helping out around the house whilst she nurses, you’ll take a huge weight off her mind. Likewise, it can be great for dads to ‘own’ another part of bringing up baby, like bathtime for example. Dads are also very good at helping to settle a crying baby, as they are the second most familiar person to the baby and, unlike mum, don’t smell of milk!

Share the feeding

Dad might not be able to supply the milk but if mum is happy to express some milk, then this can give him the perfect chance to feed his baby from time to time. Everybody benefits too, as mum gets to sleep or get out for a bit, dad gets to bond even more with his baby and the baby doesn’t go hungry and yet still gets all the goodness of mum’s milk.

We listened to feedback from parents about the whole expressing, storing and feeding experience and saw that it could be made much simpler and more convenient. Our new Express and Go range takes the pain out of expressing, as you use a single pouch to express, store, warm and feed. Check it out here if you’re thinking of sharing the task of breastfeeding with the father. These bottles have also been specially designed to mimic the breast, to ensure your baby is able to switch from breast to bottle - and more importantly back again - with ease.

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