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"I'm so glad I continued to breastfeed. We hope that she can grow up healthily because she's had breast milk."


It was two days before I could hug and breastfeed my baby

Hong Kong

I didn’t plan to have a baby with my husband, and when I realised I was pregnant, my family thought I was too young to have a baby. But my dad was seriously ill and wanted a grandchild, and my husband and I wanted to be parents. We decided to go ahead and this decision made me and my family grow together.

The birth wasn’t easy. My baby, Tsz Kui, didn’t arrive by her due date. After 10 hours of labour pains and leaking amniotic fluid for too long, I needed an urgent C-Section. Right after I gave birth I only saw her for a few minutes before she was taken to an infant incubator. Both baby and I had a fever, so it was two days later when I hugged and breastfed my baby for the first time. That was a wonderful and memorable moment.

My wound was still painful when I was released from hospital and after a week it was found to be inflamed. The doctor immediately arranged for me to go back to hospital to have the wound cleaned and dressed. At that time, my husband had to take care of Tsz Kiu and she had to stop drinking breast milk and change to formula.

When I left hospital, I spent every day feeding her, changing nappies, cleaning my wound etc. Then when my baby was 3 weeks old, I suddenly got a fever and was sent to hospital again. At first the doctor thought it was mastitis, so let me go home to rest. But things did not improve and after 10 days they found that I was infected with E-coli, and bacteria had entered my bloodstream causing nephritis. I needed to stay in hospital again.

Qian Hui Hong Kong

I stayed in hospital for two to three weeks. The doctor suggested I take medication to stop breastfeeding as I might need to take anti-biotics for another 2 weeks. But, because I wanted to do the best for my baby, I believed I could continue to breastfeed and provide enough milk, so I did not obey the doctor’s advice. My baby drank formula for 2-3 weeks and I planned to return to breastfeeding when I left hospital.

By the time I finally left hospital, Tsz Kui was 40 days old. I was finally able to kiss my baby and breastfeed her. I felt extremely happy. I’m so glad I continued to breastfeed.

Now she is more than 24 months old and has learned to communicate with us. Every time I hear Tsz Kiu call me ‘mom’, I feel very happy and blessed. I am pleased that she can run and play in the park. And we hope that she can grow up healthily because she’s had breast milk.

My baby’s arrival made me and my family grow up. In the past, I thought I might not be a good mother. Now I work hard to learn and use all my efforts to protect my baby and give her the best I can.

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