Baby Food Shopping List: What To Buy Before Introducing Food To My Baby

We’ve been listening to mums for over 50 years and have worked with them to develop a few toddler feeding products that can help make life easier when it comes to mealtimes. take a look at our baby food shopping list below:

Take cover

As you will soon find out, baby bibs are one of the most important purchases you can make. There is going to be a lot of mess so it’s good to be prepared! If it turns out you’ve got a really messy eater you may want a splash mat under the (easy-clean) highchair too!

Not all spoons are created equal

When it comes to them taking their very first mouthfuls the right spoon is very important.

The ideal spoon is: 

  • Plastic (as metal retains heat and could burn your baby’s sensitive mouth)
  • Very shallow (to ensure the food goes into the baby and doesn’t stay on the spoon)
  • Long handled (to reach more easily into food jars and storage pots)
Heat Sensing Spoon

Our feeding spoons have all these things. 


Chaos-reducing design

We are always looking for ways to help make life simpler for mums and have designed a range of colourful, clever and practical products to do just that. 

Tommee Tippee Magic Mats
  • Our magic-mat holds our bowls and plates firmly on the table even when little hands have got other ideas…
  • Our bowls and spoons have been designed with the same angles to help reduce mess.
  • We know that some of your best friends as a mum include the dishwasher, freezer and microwave so all of our products are designed from suitable, hardwearing materials
  • None of our products contain PVC and are all BPA free
  • Even a really hungry baby can cope with the super-speedy 4 minutes it takes to warm baby food safely in our Electric Bottle and Food Warmer

Also handy

  • Ice cube trays or small pots are really useful for when you want to make a big batch of food and store in baby-friendly portions. These pop up freezer pots are just the ticket
  • And a sense of humour, you’ll most definitely need one of those ;-)

When can I start to introduce food to my baby?

Where do I start with introducing food to my baby?

As with most parenting topics, there is no right way, just what feels right for you and your baby...
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