What is Expressing?

Getting to grips with Breast Pumps... Literally

EXPRESSING is quite simply how you remove milk from your breasts, either by hand (yes that can be done!) or using a breast pump. And yes, it can make you feel like a dairy cow….moooo.

But it does mean that your milk can then be given to your baby in a baby bottle (or even a cup), so that they continue to get all the goodness of breast milk even if you can’t feed them yourself from the breast.

We'll give you the Tommee Tippee low down on expressing and we can promise you it's important, but definitely not sexy.

Tommee Tippee Breast Pump

Reasons to express

You may choose to express for all sorts of reasons, including: 

  • To build up a store of milk for when you return to work or aren’t with your baby.
  • To relieve engorged breasts (they can get very full!).
  • To stimulate extra milk production by your breasts.
  • To give your partner the opportunity to get involved with feeding.
  • And our favourite, to give you the chance to take time out or get some rest

You're ready to begin. 

How do I start to express?

When should I start to express?


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