When can I start to introduce food to my baby?

Deciding when to feed your baby solid food is a common query with parents.


Whether breast or bottle fed, until your baby is around 6 months old they are getting all the nutrients and calories they need. 


Some babies start a little earlier, some a little later but it’s worth remembering that those little digestive systems need to be ready to cope with the excitement of real food. There’s no rush and you can do more harm than good by starting too early.



Ready for Food!

But don’t watch the calendar, your baby will give you lots of clues that they are ready to start experimenting:

  • Are they able to sit up well with minimal support and hold their head well?
  • Have they lost the tongue-thrust reflex so no longer automatically push solids out of their mouth with the tongue?
  • Are they ready and willing to chew?
  • Are they developing a “pincer” grasp, picking up things between thumb and forefinger?
  • Are they watching everything that goes into your mouth and trying to get their hands on it too?

Yes? Then your baby is probably ready to add new tastes and textures to their diet. And you are in for lots of messy fun helping them discover them! Baby-wipes anyone?

What do I need to buy to get started?

Spoon-fed or baby led feeding?

If your baby is ready to start trying solid foods then pick a mealtime that suits you...
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