Bottle feeding

Your family, your choice.

So you’ve decided to bottle feed, but then the questions start! Which bottle? Should I sterilise? What do I need for days out? There’s lots to think about, so just take a deep breath and we’ll work it out here at Tommee Tippee with our handy guide to bottle feeding.

You know your baby, we know bottles

Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, combination feeding - so many ways to feed your baby! At the end of the day, you’ll choose what’s best for your family. And whatever you decide, we’re here to help.

Fifty years of working with mums

Fifty years of working with mums

We started making baby products in 1965 with one clear goal: to make life simpler for real families. Our two biggest innovations - the super soft breast-like teat and extra-wide neck - were both ideas from mums. So thanks!

Clever bottles that babies love

An extra-wide neck and breast-like teat help babies make a natural latch and secure seal. A clever vent system then delivers a smooth flow of milk so they swallow less air - handy in the fight against colic!

So much more than just a bottle

So much more than just a bottle

Finding the right bottle is just the start. You then need to fill it, warm it and feed with it. That’s why all our bottles fit with a range of formula dispensers, breast pumps, sterilisers, bottle warmers and bottle bags.

It really did work to take the risk and do something completely different.
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The choice to feed using a bottle or the breast is yours and yours alone. 
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