Everything is so tiny!

Bringing a new baby home can be overwhelming. You can’t believe you’re actually in charge of something so precious or small. But you’ll soon get to know each other, and what initially seems scary soon becomes second nature...

All they need is love!

Every baby comes into this world in its own way. Some settle quickly into a routine and can soothe themselves, others need a little more help. And the very best person for the job is you, so no matter how scared you are at first, you’ll figure it out together!

Trust your instincts not the internet!

Trust your instincts not the internet!

If you search for ‘how to cut my baby’s nails’ you’ll get 387,000 results - that’s insane! Most aspects of your baby’s basic healthcare need a mixture of instinct and common sense. So try to trust that, or maybe ask your own mum or friends what they did?

But everything is so tiny!

Every new parent is nervous about cutting their nails, brushing their hair, choosing which creams and lotions to use! That’s why our range of healthcare products are all super safe and really easy to use, perfect for beginners!

I felt I was going back to what makes me who I am.
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The choice to feed using a bottle or the breast is yours and yours alone. 
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