Poop is now a big part of your life

What goes in must come out, and with babies there’s a lot of it, so any help to minimize mess and smells will probably come in handy.

So you've never even changed a diaper?

Don’t worry. Parenting instincts will soon kick in and although dealing with dirty diapers is never exactly fun, you’ll soon take it in your stride and become an unflappable diaper warrior!

We take our responsibilities seriously

We take our responsibilities seriously

We’ve been making baby feeding products for over fifty years, so it’s only fair to help you with what comes out the other end! Our diaper bins make diaper disposal quicker, easier and generally less horrible.

A smell-free home is a happy home

Our Simplee Diaper Pail features a multi-layer film and a smart seal lid to keep nasty odors contained, so you can get back to playing, feeding or sleeping (you wish!).

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