Whatever makes them happy

From day one, babies are bombarded with new sights, sounds and experiences. And then comes teething. No wonder they sometimes need a bit of extra comfort – this is where Tommee Tippee and our guide to soothing can help.

Some babies suckle, and that's fine

Swaddling, cuddling and rocking will soothe some babies. Others find real comfort in sucking - fingers, thumbs, or anything at hand. If you think that a soother may help you and your baby get some rest, go for it!

The science behind sucking

The science behind sucking

Our soothers feature a symmetrical orthodontic teat, designed to encourage acceptance, while our new air style soothers are even more unique in that they feature special air holes in the shield to help protect your baby’s perfect skin.

Designed for real life

We’ve listened to the real challenges faced by families - that’s why you’ll find Tommee Tippee soothers that glow in the dark (easier to spot at 2am) and baby-proof soother holders so they can’t be flung out of the pushchair!

He'd looked at me and knew me. He’d always known me.
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