Trainer Toothbrush Set

Develop children's good brushing habits in 3 easy stages

The Trainer Toothbrush set comes with 3 different stages of toothbrushes helping to keep baby’s teeth and gums clean and healthy

Stage 1 Gum massager

Stage 1 Gum massager

Gum Massager – designed to stimulate gums and introduce to toddler the feeling of a toothbrush

Stage 2 Massaging Brush

Stage 2 Massaging Brush

With soft rubber bristles to gently massage sore gums and first teeth

Stage 3 First Toothbrush

Stage 3 First Toothbrush

With soft bristles and small head to suit little one’s mouth



  • Helps to keep baby’s teeth and gums clean and healthy
  • Pack of 3 different stage toothbrushes to teach toddler good brushing habits
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