Trio Teether

Shaped like a set of keys, our Trio Teether offers baby a choice of three different surfaces for them to chew on – soft, cool and hard.

Babies love our Trio Teether. A choice of surfaces – soft, cool and hard – provide different types of comfort as baby’s first teeth emerge and their gums feel tender and sore.

Trio Teether

Trio Teether

Suitable for babies of all ages and can even be cooled in the fridge to provide extra comfort. Features 3 different surfaces to chew on.



  • Can be cooled in a fridge to soothe tender gums
  • 3 different surfaces to chew on
  • Moves like a set of keys to occupy and stimulate little hands
  • Suitable for babies of all ages
  • BPA-free


Not all babies will have all teething symptoms, but see if you recognize any of these….
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