Bottle Prep

A 30 minute wait isn’t good enough, is it?

There’s nothing worse than juggling baby formula and a hot kettle...

...while trying to keep your little one happy when all they want is their food! 

Add trying to do that in the middle of the night, and you’ve got a nightmare.

Waiting 30 minutes for the kettle to cool down is no longer an option, that’s why we’ve created a range of bottle preparators just for you.

Take a little time back

Instructions on how to prepare formula are often lengthy and confusing, as if caring for a baby isn’t hard enough.

As well as trying to figure out how to manually prepare formula, you then have to complete the long list of step-by-step instructions, which includes waiting half an hour for the kettle to cool, cooling the bottle down with cold water and testing that it’s the correct temperature yourself.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: 2 minutes. Fully prepared, perfect volume & perfect temperature.

Now all you need to think about is what you’ll do with your spare time?

(Personally, we’d go for sleep)

Bottle preparators for every ocassion...

No matter the the time or the place, we’ve got you covered

our bottle prep quickly makes bottles that are clean, warm and appealing to baby, our prep machines not only save you time and energy, but also give you extra peace of mind.

3-in-1 Advanced Bottle and Pouch Warmer

Suitable for breastmilk or formula, this bottle and pouch warmer gives you a safe, quick and simple way to warm feeds to the perfect temperature every time.

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Easi-Warm Bottle and Food Warmer

Our bottle and food warmer warms breastmilk, formula and baby food to body temperature without overheating.

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LetsGo Portable Baby Bottle Warmer

With this practical and portable bottle warmer, you can warm formula or expressed milk to body temperature in just 10 minutes* with no need for boiling water.

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Milk Modulator

24 hours readiness for preparation of formula milk instantly at anytime; without reboiling water, TT Milk Modulator prepares the best water temperature for formula milk preparation in hygienic condition and allows your baby to enjoy at anytime instantly.

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