When it's time to move on to feeding and drinking

In the blink of an eye, your little one will be eyeing up your steak, reaching for your sandwich and letting you know they’re ready to munch. When this time comes, be sure to have Tommee Tippee’s guide to transitioning close at hand.

But they're still a baby!

Whether you’ve been breastfeeding or bottle feeding your baby, it can be hard to accept they’re growing up - but this is the start of a whole new phase of fun (and mess). It’s also yet another learning curve for you!

Let's make it fun

Let's make it fun

Your baby is now craving new tastes and experiences, and they want to have fun! That’s why our transitioning products are not just intuitive and practical, but also bright, bold and fun to use.

Hands or spoons - you decide!

Some parents love messy mealtimes, but for others it’s a bowl, spoon and bib from the start. Whatever path you choose, Tommee Tippee has all the cups, cutlery, and tableware you’ll ever need, and it’s all easy-clean!

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