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Find some answers to the most frequently asked questions about your Electric Breast Pump.

Are all bottles compatible with my Closer to Nature breast pump?

All Tommee Tippee bottles will fit perfectly with your Closer to Nature breast pump, apart from Ultra bottles. Unfortunately you won’t be able to use other bottle brands with it though.

Why am I not getting much milk?

Lots of mums find they only manage a few drops when they first start expressing, and that can make you feel pretty low. But most mums find it gets much easier with practise - you just need to find your rhythm. As a quick guide, think about is when you’re expressing (after the first feed of the day is best) and where you’re expressing (are you comfortable, maybe with your baby or a photo of them closeby).

There are some practical considerations too - do you need a warm cloth to help let down, are you hydrated enough? For more advice from mums who have been there and done it, check out our Parent Room.

Can I leave the batteries in my Closer to Nature Electric Breast Pump when it’s connected to the power outlet?

Yes, that’s fine. The electrical power will simply override the battery supply.

What should I do if I experience loss of suction?

If you find your breast pump is not creating any suction (test it against your hand to double check), there are two parts to take a look at. First there is the white silicone valve that hangs down into the bottle. Check that the split across the bottom of this is open, and if not give it a gentle massage between your finger and thumb to open it up. If that’s not the issue then check the concertina (the part that pumps up and down) to make sure there are no visible splits or tears inside.

Should the above steps not improve your suction, or if a spare part is required, please call a member of our Careline team on number (852) 2793 0703, or drop us a message from our contact page.

Can I sterilise my breast pump?

Yes, you certainly can and we would recommend you do this after every use:). All parts can be sterilised except the motor unit and air tube.

My breast pump adaptor feels warm, is this normal?

Yep, this is perfectly normal and safe - no need to worry.

Is it possible to order a new valve for the breast pump?

Yep - please use the Contact Us page for more information.

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